Vintage Airstreams are available in a variety of sizes, styles, designs, and ages. When considering buying a vintage Airstream, think about your ultimate goal and why you’d like to have one. It’s like finding a home. Not only will you see all the homes available, but you’ll sit down and make a list of “must-haves” and “fun to have.”

Restore A Vintage Airstream

If you have a vintage airstream in perfect order and working conditions, maintenance is considered maintenance. What happens is that over time, people stop doing that maintenance, and vintage Airstream falls into ruins. When you get in, you get a vintage airstream. Then a decision is made, do you use vintage Airstream as is the case with all its faults, or do you reset the conditions to the point where you have to do maintenance again?

Restore means going beyond repair or pure patchwork; it means updating each item to a new or original state. Pleasure comes from working with tools and materials and can be considered an art or preservation of something unique and desirable

Renovate A Vintage Airstream

Is the vintage Airstream an update on your bucket list? Bringing a careless American icon back to life can be very rewarding. If you plan to do more than redecorate used trailers, what we learned by restoring our 1961 Airstream (single gold caravan model) will make your project run smoothly. Complete the restoration of a vintage trailer and join the record levels of motorhome owners in the US at your fingertips!

Ability or Budget

You’re going to need one or both. A travel trailer has the same components as your viscous home in less than 200 square feet. Some working knowledge of plumbing, electricity, wood and metal, or a budget to pay a professional will make your project move. Luckily, you have friends, YouTube, and Vintage Camper Trailers’ Boot Camp to help you face challenges, and you’ll face challenges! When you create a budget, you don’t forget hidden costs like shipping and mistakes you’ll make that need to be reworked.

Have a Plan

Using storyboards to focus your design elements will help you focus as you choose paint colours, wood finishes, and delicate items. You’ll make decisions about everything from the level of lustre in the wood to coordinating the window coverings with your choice of upholstery. You might have a theme, style, or point you want to create. Keeping an eye on your goals will help you make those incremental decisions along the way.

Source Your Parts

When it’s time to go, go. Collect your parts and materials when you find them. No one has a project like not having the materials they need when they need it. We knew what equipment we were going to use months before we needed it. Due to the storage space, budget, and second guess of my decision, I didn’t book them until I “needed” them. Unexpected availability issues and delivery times lifted our progress in the cupboards. We needed to put new appliances into the renovated kitchen before we could finish the cabinets. Special interior paints to be ordered from the Midwest cost more to be delivered by air in winter to prevent freezing.

Polish Vintage Airstream

Airstream housing is made of aluminium. Aluminium reacts with oxygen in the air to form an aluminium oxide or oxidation. But unlike steel, when oxidized to form iron oxide, aluminium does not rust. The chemical reaction between aluminium and oxygen does not feed on aluminium; it is based on it and darkens it.

That’s the chemistry part of the story, but it’s not the part that brings you to the point of polishing. This possibility is an emotional decision. Once you see the newly polished Airstream, it’s hard to see Airstreams or aluminium in the same way again. The mirror finish in an elegant vintage form is no less than impressive. Rivets and stitches are emphasized against mirror panels, and you feel the need to run at home and polish your trailer. It’s not about chemical reactions; it’s about emotional responses.

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