You might be forgiven for mistaking the beatbox prototype for u haul or a utility van. But that’s just what the makers at Advanced RV wanted for maximum stealth. Sacrificing style for space makes complete sense when you step inside. Built on the Mercedes Benz sprinter cab chassis. The roomy interior features a sofa bed that sleeps to the kitchen with a fridge freezer microwave and an impressive amount of overhead cabinet storage that runs along the entirety of the camper. For those who enjoy extended off-grid living, the box comes with 15.2-kilowatt-hours of onboard battery that’s automated to turn on the band’s engine automatically recharging the power supply as needed.

German camper van manufacturer Tara camper has unveiled their rugged range of 2021 expedition vehicles. These include the triple berth Herrick and the T camp. I can sleep a family of four. Both models feature customizable furniture modules they create a versatile space for cooking and food preparation. They come equipped with a fridge, two-burner stovetop, stainless steel sink, and plenty of storage. The T camps kitchen is slightly slimmer and in an L-shaped configuration to allow a fourth seat and double bed in the rear. The 2021 models also include an onboard water treatment that removes contaminants from natural water, so you can refill the 40-liter fresh water tank from freshwater lakes, rivers, and streams while out in the wilderness. Also on board is a 100 amp-hour lithium battery with integrated solar panel charging and a 600-watt inverter for off-grid living.

Built on a Ducato base the 2021 concept camper from Bohringer not only features a central wet bathroom with a shower kitchen, dinette, and rear bedroom, but the whole interior can be removed easily at short notice, convert the camper back into an empty cargo van.

For many people, 2020 was the first year that people seriously considered living out of a van. New Jersey-based company Ready Set van has responded and recently ramped up production of their tentatively named base camper, a custom-fitted camper van built on the Ram Promaster each base camper is gorgeously detailed inside with commercial induction cooktops, beautiful cabinetry, and 80-liter fridge, and deep stainless sinks. Below the bed is the base camper garage storage that can house mountain bikes kayaks, paddleboards you name it. The base model features either a portable or composting toilet and an outdoor shower. In contrast, the upcoming bass camper plus features a deluxe wet bathroom equipped with an indoor shower to keep the lights running a 420 amp hour Tesla battery and 3000-watt inverter are charged by 400 watts of solar, but this can be upgraded to provide triple the power with the RSB maniac upgrade.


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