Camper kitchen tools are some of the MOST IMPORTANT Campervan gear you can have while camping or driving a car.

They often fold, stay small, or serve a variety of purposes. Camper kitchen utensils are a very useful camping accessory for indoor and outdoor cooking.

Build a Camper Kitchen

1. Build a frame for your counter

Based on your truck’s size, you will start by making a frame with a 2×4 frame. We’re lucky to have a truck big enough to make a table (50 “long x 15” wide x 17 “high) suitable for a stove, sink, water container, and Coleman cutting board.

Screw your 2×4 into a rectangle and attach all four legs. Make sure to point the table legs so that you can easily slide the pots and pans down.

2. Cut the plywood to the size of your table

Make sure it fits everything you need. Drill a square hole slightly smaller than your campervan kitchen sink to make it fit and screw it to the plywood. Make sure to leave room for the water container and the utensil holder on the other side of the sinkhole.

3. Attach the counter to the wall of your truck

Use screws to make sure it doesn’t fall off while driving. Also, it’s a good idea to place a small “sidewall” on the edge of the table so that the stove, cutting board, and water container don’t tilt when you flip them over.

4. Final steps

Now that your table is finished and attached to the wall make curtains to hide the pots, plates and bowls under the table for storage. We have a complete article dedicated to DIY campervan blinds.

Organize a Camper Kitchen

1. Utilize cabinet doors as storage.

Hanging wardrobe doors are my favourite way to add storage space to my RV kitchen. Make sure to measure before buying! I often bought a storage cart to hang on the wardrobe door simply because it was too big and the wardrobe door couldn’t be closed.

2. Don’t waste the space at the top of a cabinet.

By hanging your items from inside the top of your wardrobe, you can make sure you don’t waste space.

One way to do this is to hang the shelf from the ceiling of the wardrobe. These are purchased at Dollar General; You can also use a wrap like this. Alternatively, you can cut the lid from this lower cabinet organizer and hang it using mug hooks or strong adhesive hooks. This is the deepest stacked basket type you can also try using.

3. Use deli containers as food storage.

Have a cupboard that always seems to be full of plastic food storage containers? You can reduce the space requirements for food storage containers by choosing to use only one type. I chose to use plastic deli containers because they come in three different sizes, but they all share the same lid. Plus, I get them for free when I buy bulk food at health food stores or take leftovers home at certain restaurants. You can also buy them cheaply online.

4. Install a slide-out cabinet rack for hard-to-reach areas.

RV owner Debra Jones found it difficult to access items in the back of the cupboard under her stove, so she installed a detachable Rev-a-Shelf to solve the problem. I love how you remove the cupboard door and attach it to the front of the wire basket using the Rev-a-Shelf door mount kit.

5. Use tension bars to hold the item in place during the ride.

You can even buy wood grain tensioning bars to match the colour of your wood cabinets.

6. Store pans, baking sheets, and plates vertically.

My cabinets isn’t tall enough to do this, but I like the idea of using a shelf like this one to separate these things on the go vertically.

7. Add extra shelving.

I was annoyed that too much space wasted under the kitchen sink, so I added this shelf to make it more efficient.

Wire racks like this one are a great way to add variety to a smaller wardrobe. You can buy them on Amazon, but they’re usually cheaper at places like Dollar General.


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