Nissan has been leading the world in mass-produced electric cars for some time, starting with the Nissan LEAF car in 2010. Four years later, the small panel van named envy 200 was released to merge the drive train from the successful leaf range. Unfortunately, the E and V 200 had an underwhelming range only managing to travel 60 to 73 miles before recharge In 2020, the lithium power cell batteries were upgraded to 40 kilowatt-hours. Now drivers have a range of up to 174 miles, dropping to 100 when fully loaded, the British company Sussex camper vans have taken the upgraded E and V 200 and fitted the rear with a surprisingly functional living space. Featuring a two-burner electric stove classic side kitchen and pop top with an elevated roof. The Evie 200 camper van can comfortably sleep up to four people.

Suppose you’re looking for a camper van that feels like the interior of a first-class train carriage. In that case, the alpha van might be worth checking out. Built on the spine of Mercedes’s largest sprinter. It’s notably longer than campers like the Winnebago rebel. Inside rounded, modern, and modular features give this camper an elegant classy look. It’s equipped with a 90-liter refrigerator, dual burner induction cooktop, stainless steel sink, and plenty of storage drawers and shelves. A decent-sized bathroom and shower sit across the aisle. The Alfa van’s rear is where it truly shines. A rear sleeping nook accessed by ladder and closed off with a back wall provides an amazingly opulent relax area decked out with Blaupunkt speakers and powered 230 volt and USB outlets. Underneath the top bedroom is a versatile storage area or converted bedroom perfect for the kids.

Volkswagens grande California camper van is the production version of the California x XL concept first unveiled in 2017. Coming in two models their names represent the camper van length. The 600 is six meters long and the 680 is 6.8 meters long, impossibly spacious. grande California can sleep up to four and a double bed and optional bunks inside the kitchen is ridiculously well equipped, complete with white cabinetry, a 70-liter fridge freezer. But the real difference is grand California’s bathroom with both a toilet and shower as well as a sink, plenty of shelving, and bathroom lighting that is automatically activated via motion detectors.

Korea is the king of compact and the RACV from Korean manufacturer Dawn is certainly tiny. built on top of the key array A smaller cousin of the US sold Kia Soul, the RACV majors Emiri 11.8 feet from bumper to bumper. Despite its unassuming size, the RACV paxum surprisingly functional features a slideout micro kitchenette with a sink and storage drawer for a single burner stove that can be tucked away when not in use. A 100 amp hour leisure battery provides power to 220 volt 12 volt and USB outlets all controlled by a command center located just inside the tailgate. There’s no fridge, so campers will have to avoid perishables on long trips. While the ravioli has two belted seats with the rooftop raised and the folding mattress laid out for people and sleep snugly in this mini camper van.

Part armored four-wheel drive part camper van. The sports mobile Classic is the latest Ford cutaway conversion in their heavy-duty four-by-four adventure range. The original body has been molded with a steel reinforced fiberglass shell and instead of a standard pop-up the rooftop. The sports mobile features are raised penthouse to add another double sleeping space. Inside they’ve done away with modern clean finishes. The emphasis here is on rugged, durable functionality. There are at least four different floor plans available with all the standard campervan inclusions. Still. Upgrades can include bathroom additions, cooling and heating options, electrical options grades, and entertainment items with a 7.3 liter V eight engine, four-wheel drive, and 10,000 pounds towing capacity. There are not many places you can’t take the sports mobile Classic.

Beyond Ducato, camper van bass is already hugely popular amongst custom fitters and DIY enthusiasts. But with the 2021 release of the electric version, it will be even more attractive. The Fiat Ducato base camper van is the perfect mix of compact dimensions, comfortable driving, interior comfort, and customization. But it’s the modularity which Fiat is most admired for. every square inch of the rectangular load compartment can be used for custom compartments, living space, or storage. Even the dimensions are customizable with the choice between three wheelbases, four lengths, three heights, and eight volumes.

The IE Busey looks like an oversized Lego car, but it’s the electric modular camper van from German automaker electric brands set to be released in 2021.

For those desperate for an eco-friendly blast of nostalgia, mixed with some groovy Art Deco and Space Age tech, the Volkswagen Type 20 ticks all the boxes. Type 20 differs a lot from its come because and from the 60s. Instead of an air-cooled boxer engine, there is a 90-kilowatt electric motor and a 10-kilowatt-hour battery pack for short, emissions-free driving. Inside future tech dominates the driving cabin. holographic displays create 3d images on the dashboard. While an AI computer provides biometric facial identification for keyless ignition. There are even digital assistants that can decipher natural speech from the front and rear of the cabin. There are no amenities or inclusions in the rear, other than a hypnotically decorated sofa that spans all the walls. While it’s just a concept camper for now. Who knows what 2021 will bring


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