There are lots of new ideas being presented for the Motorhome Makeover, but there are plenty of old-style ideas that work well in a caravan. These are the perfect solutions to all your problems with ease. It is important to remember that the Motorhome Makeover and fitting modern technology can still be very effective, but only if you do it properly.

Many people find that the new idea of a bar-setter seems appealing. A good set of bars and a single style of beer can be an easy way to drink in style. This is one of the best Motorhome Makeover ideas because there is nothing better than getting out of the hot sun on a glorious summer day, with a cool glass of the same choice of brew, sipping on your favourite beer or cider in your comfort of the caravan, rather than in a pub. With the ability to carry a large range of beverages, a bar-setter is a great piece of kit to fit into your caravan.

If you prefer to sit outside in the blazing sunshine when you want to relax and refresh, a reclining seat is a great solution for a motorhome. As well as keeping you cool, they also allow you to sit upright with the head exposed. They are particularly useful if you like to watch your favourite sporting events and not get sunburnt.

Another Motorhome Makeover idea is to take some sun screen to the beach and mix in some alcohol to make a tropical cocktail. The combination is great for those days when you just want to look for a bit of fun. You can use a burner to keep the beverage warm, but it is more likely to stay at the right temperature if it is mixed with alcohol. The alcohol actually helps the body retain heat more, which makes the taste better and prevents anyone from complaining about the cold drink.

A good use for a caravan is to sleep in it and carry the tents with you. A Motorhome Makeover idea for this is to make a comfortable bed and put the tents in the beds so that you can carry the tents from place to place. The tent will be your constant companion and you can have fun packing it up. This is a very popular Motorhome Makeover idea which is becoming more popular all the time.

What about building a hot tub into your motorhome? This is a good idea because it allows you to save space and make your caravan look bigger. It is also less costly than buying another caravan and very versatile as well. You could buy some pretty interesting items for your tub, such as a hot and cold running water heater and heating elements, but this is up to you.

A great idea for a go-kart is to drive it into your caravan and the trackers can be fitted into the floorboards of the caravan. This is a great option if you have kids, because you can go out and get some gas or get something cheaper to fuel the go-kart.

Finally, a final option is to make a holiday home out of your caravan and add storage and/or sleeping space for holiday makers. This works very well for any Motorhome Makeover idea, whether it is just relaxing and staying in a caravan, or having a home for those who are really moving on and cannot afford to travel on holiday, there are many options for you to choose from.


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