Decorating for a camper is fun, but if you plan on doing any work in the area you will need to plan ahead. Of course you can use a traditional decorating kit, but these are not always as creative or simple as you would like.

One theme that is easy to get started with is Country. You can get kits and decorations for this theme from either an interior decorating store or just at your local craft store. It is a fairly simple theme to get started on and you can easily create many different looks and it is very flexible.

To start, let’s look at a good look for the Glamper Camper. An area rug can be found at almost any interior decorating store. Using a good tie-dye for the corners can look good, as well as the use of a fabric area cover in one of the darker colors. This would be one of the ways to add some warmth and there are plenty of different fabrics available to choose from.

Don’t forget the drapes. If you want to make this into a roomier feel, you can include tall window curtains to hang from the ceiling.

The furniture can change out as you like. If you want to create more of a beach type feel, then you could go with just the furniture. Just like the furniture, you will need to decide on the table and chair choices. If you want a little more style, you could purchase some glass furniture and see how the area decorates.

The walls can be painted any color, and they can be painted in the color you choose. If you want something more country and rustic, you could go with blue walls, wood walls, and sandstone walls.

Here are some ideas for a look that is really quite fun for the Glamper Camper. If you want to have a beach type feel, try using that and then adding in the country rustic look. If you wanted to have a more rustic feel but still keep the mood light, maybe you could use the wood and drapes.


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