Spring has finally arrived and brings warm weather and flowering plants with it! After 2020, we won’t blame you if you want to leave. If you’re interested in getting off the grid, and we’re not talking about a day trip to the beach, but somewhere where you can unplug your smartphone, you need a sturdy land vehicle. Expedition Vehicle this trip to go aims to help you reach remote destinations while enjoying the journey.

Expedition Vehicles for Camping Adventures

While many road trips can be made in an SUV, pickup truck, or (gasping for breath) even the pickup that’s in your driveway, you’ll still need to pack some gear. There’s good news because you probably have a lot of the stuff you need to land right in your garage. Before taking a road trip, pack your car in a basic dirt kit to make sure you have everything you need for fun in nature. Also, don’t forget old-school technology.

If walking in nature sounds like something you want to explore, take a look at the world’s most extreme inhabitants below.

Global Expedition Vehicles

If $ 22 million is a bit high for your budget, Global X Vehicle offers a more wallet-friendly overlander. This Missouri-based company makes extreme off-road trucks with each model tailor-made for a specific purpose.

Whether you need a safari-friendly ride, a polar ready expedition vehicle to drive to the South Pole, or an expanding compact truck, similar to a Transformer that’s doubled in size so you and your family can deploy in the wilderness of Alaska, they have you covered.

Each model has a 4 × 4 capacity and an RV-style interior with most home comforts. The best part? Financing is available!

Applied Minds KiraVan

Going off the grid doesn’t always happen in the best of circumstances. If more buggies are what you’re looking for, KiraVan can help. This expedition-ready 51,000 pound monster was designed by mad scientist Bran Ferren to go wherever you need it.

This two-part setup is powered by a highly modified Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500NA tractor with a six-cylinder M-B powertrain capable of 260 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. The 170-gallon diesel capacity also promises an average range of nearly 2,000 miles. The interior feels like a cellular command center – the lightweight, high-tech composite materials give it a sleek, spaceship-like feel.

It will keep a crew of three powered up and running for up to three weeks with solar power, wireless satellite broadband, full climate control, fire protection and security systems and (most importantly) a coffee maker. If everything goes really wrong, there is even a three-cylinder KiraBike motorcycle that can travel at speeds of 100 miles per gallon.

Avtoros Shaman 8×8

When practicality isn’t an issue, when the need to look tough outweighs the need for comfort, and when you absolutely have to go anywhere, look no further than the Avtoros Shaman.

Forget RV luxuries like kitchens, marble bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs, this Russian-made 8 × 8 amphibious demon was built with one thought: the ability to pass, pass and cross any terrain. The eight-wheeled construction means it’s perfectly capable of handling sand, snow, mud, quicksand and maybe even lava.

This capability is completely extreme due to the fact that the eight low-pressure tires operate independently with their own suspension. If things get really dangerous (read very wet), the high-performance pump can save 53 gallons of water per minute, and the optional screw propeller will propel the Shaman to a maximum water speed of 4.3 miles per hour. Expedition Vehicle the fact that it looked like the sick riot control vehicle from the real Blade Runner didn’t hurt either.

Action Mobil Global XRS 7200

Action Mobil specializes in all wheeler luxury mobile homes. The exterior of your Global XRS 7200 is sturdy and absurd, but the interior feels more luxurious than most ordinary land vehicles.

Scandinavian minimalist design feels right at home assuming your home is a mobile space station designed by IKEA. Faux wood panels, luxurious seating, separate sleeping and sleeping areas, and a 40-inch flat-screen TV are more than most people ask for in such an extreme vehicle.

But, the 6 × 6 truck is just as off-road as anyone on this list. There’s even a secure hydraulic lift at the back for storing and transporting your favorite outdoor toys.

Earth Cruiser EXP Overlander

EarthCruiser’s flagship Overlander EXP was designed and refined in Australia. Extreme overlanders can travel as far as 16,000 miles across the continent of Asia.

Looks like a military vehicle scaled down on the outside. But make no mistake, this monster is based on a Mitsubishi Fuso FG4x4 equipped with a 3.0 liter diesel engine that produces 161 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

Given its relatively small footprint, this juice is more than enough to get you anywhere you need to be. Inside, EXP is filled with all the essentials, including kitchenettes, water purification systems, solar installations, and high-quality marine-grade plastics throughout. Plus, Expedition Vehicle the roof will expand at the push of a button to provide additional space and flood the interior with light.

Unicat MXXL 24 AH

The legendary Unicat land vehicle rivals everything Mercedes-Benz has to offer. When the 6 × 6 setup isn’t difficult enough for you, there’s the Unicat MXXL 24 AH (marketing is definitely not the company’s strong suit). This custom-made 8 × 8 beast is designed to withstand the harshest environments in the world.

Many have even served as mobile command centers in the Middle East. The powertrain combines a 12-speed Tip-Matic gearbox with a 480 horsepower engine. The centrally controlled tire inflation system means you can seamlessly shift from sand to cement to distant rivers without having to leave the cab. For those with a more relaxed intention, the interior offers all the comforts of a luxury car. The spacious interior can be configured to accommodate a large family.

Plus, the truck has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, touch-screen workstation, media port and power shift, so there’s plenty of room for everyone to spread out.

Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733

The Mercedes-Benz Zetros 2733 is one of the most powerful vehicles on the planet. This 6 × 6 overlander is arguably the top of German off-road engineering.

This particular unit was built by two very wealthy (serious) Mongolian wolf hunters who were looking for a truck that could not only take them wherever they went, but with all the household trappings in tow.

Under the hood is a 7.2-liter diesel with 326 horsepower and 958 pound-feet of torque. But, the real fun is in it: heated marble-floored bathroom, gourmet kitchen (with grill, double gas stove, and microwave), beautiful wood panels throughout, twin 46-inch flat-screen TVs. Inches, Bose surround sound systems and, of course, gun vaults. Expedition Vehicle The built-in ATV garage means you can take your favorite gas-powered toy on the road.

Hunter RMV Predator 6X6

Each Hunter RMV Predator 6.6 begins life as an LMTV – a light-medium tactical vehicle specially designed to transport military and army cargo to remote corners of the world. This is the ideal base for building a suitable Overlander. But Hunter raises the stakes by customizing each Predator with consumer-friendly perks to create one of the world’s most versatile expedition attractions.

The 6.6-liter Caterpillar turbodiesel features full-time all-wheel drive and 800 miles of mileage, meaning it can cover a quarter of the country before needing to refuel. Inside, the van can comfortably accommodate five people and offers full bathroom and kitchen facilities for everyone.

Standard bells and whistles include dual outdoor speakers, cable TV connection, Bluetooth audio, skylights, electric canopy with LED lighting and full temperature control. Buyers can even upgrade to the leather upholstery and washer / dryer combination. With regards to the other multimillion-dollar custom builds on this list, the $ 200,000 starting price seems like a real bargain.

Toyota Hilux Expedition “Ulfur”

Like the iconic Land Rover Defender, Toyota’s Hilux is revered as one of the most capable pickup trucks in the world. This custom “Ulfur” Toyota Hilux Expedition is one of the most compact and extreme overlanders.

Landscape photographer and owner Stefan Forster counts on this to travel around Europe like a wild animal, including the most remote parts of Iceland. Expedition Vehicle The 3.0L diesel generates 225 horsepower with permanent four-wheel drive and a wet snorkel kit. The interior is tight but outfitted with all the essentials. A cleverly designed convertible bed/dinette.

The interior is cramped but filled with all the essentials. The smartly designed convertible / dining table combination maximizes space and there is still plenty of room for a small kitchen.

Land Rover Defender Icarus

If you’re looking for something compact and, wildly we say sporty, the Land Rover Defender Icarus from Alu-Cab Africa has everything you need and nothing you don’t want.

Custom build started with the traditional Land Rover Defender 4WD, which is already one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world. Expedition Vehicle Alu-Cab then added a roof conversion to provide a simple and optimal sleeping solution for two.

With the addition of a camping kitchen and toilet equipment, this is a fully featured yet highly portable solution. The fact that it’s also street legal, means you can even carry it around without attracting too much attention.


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