Job title: Investigating Officer – Police
Company: Service Care Solutions
Expected salary: £17 – 19 per hour
Location: Maidstone, Kent
Job description:
Investigating Officer – Police

Service Care Solutions are looking for a team of experienced former Police Officers to work as Investigating Officers on a full-time, long-term contract in Kent.

Main purpose of the role:

To assist investigations carried out by the Major Crime Department and, when required, other Departments and Divisions, undertaking a range of duties, including obtaining witness statements, managing exhibits, obtaining and viewing CCTV recordings, and general research investigative duties, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations undertaken by the Department.

Main responsibilities:

– Interview witnesses and victims of crime, including Achieving Best Evidence (ABE) interviews with vulnerable witnesses and assist in regard to suspect interviews, taking high quality, accurate statements for inclusion into case files and undertaking assessment of the veracity of statements and the potential reliability of witnesses in Court.

Perform the role of house-to-house co-ordinator as required.

– Manage the seizure and viewing of CCTV tapes, viewing material, analysing information, and recording elements in comprehensive reports of evidential and intelligence value, in order to provide expert evidence in person at court in support of investigations.

– Undertake a range of investigative research through Holmes, PNC and Athena and telephony, maintaining accurate records, analysing information, and producing a range of reports, in order to support the investigation of major crime by the department.

– Support and advise the families of victims of major crime, providing information and support surrounding case progress and the judicial system, in order to ensure that families receive appropriate support and to assist investigations.

– Assist in major crime searches, and act as exhibits officer when appointed, ensuring the integrity of evidence retrieved, recording receipt of exhibits, organising the storage and appropriate security of exhibits, including the handling of hazardous materials and returning items when authorised to do so, in order to ensure the continuity of evidence and the correct recording of physical evidence and property.

– Attend Court to represent the Force as case exhibits officer, organising and producing exhibits as requested and providing evidence surrounding the integrity of systems, in order to support the smooth progress of each case through the judicial system.

– Build complete and correctly compiled case papers, witness and exhibit lists, undertaking the case disclosure role wherever necessary, incorporating giving evidence in person at court to ensure that high professional standards and evidential integrity are achieved on each case.

Necessary experience:

The Investigating Officer (Major Crime) requires a knowledge of the law and legal procedures surrounding the investigation of crime, a thorough knowledge of PACE, associated codes of practice and the CPIA, together with the rules of evidence.

Investigative experience including taking statements and gathering and recording evidence is also essential.

At least two years experience in an operational police environment is essential.

Whilst much of the work is directed by formal case Actions, good organisational skills are necessary in order to manage conflicting demands, e.g.

when undertaking the role of exhibits officer when required.

The post holder will invariably be engaged on a number of major crime investigations at any one time and works continuously with others and must therefore have strong communication and team skills to ensure cooperation and unity within the team.

If this looks like something you could be interested in, please don’t hesitate to call Martin Cookson on 01772 208962.
Job date: Fri, 02 Jul 2021 22:55:48 GMT


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