Does your house only have one room that is narrow enough to use as a bathroom? Don’t worry because you can mimic the following 12 minimalist and simple bathroom designs that are a solution for a small room.

Designing a bathroom design is not easy, especially if you have a space with a limited capacity, but that was back then, because now there is a solution!

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1. Minimalist Wooden Bathroom

Having a narrow bathroom space is not a barrier to having an indoor bathroom and a bathtub. With the right design, you can make a bathroom design like this at home. Which makes my relaxation time or my bath time more comfortable with a complete set.

If you are interested in presenting a shower room, you can choose a product with a size that is not too large so that it does not fill the room. In addition, choose a shower design that suits your needs to make it easier to use.

2. Colored All White To Make It Look Clean

Neutral colors like white are synonymous with minimalist room styles. Therefore, this color is very suitable to be applied to a minimalist bathroom design at home.

In addition, this primer palette can also create a neat and clean impression in a room. Another advantage is that you can also choose furniture and bathroom needs of the same color or other colors more easily.

Or you can also combine white and black furniture and accessories to create a monochrome room style. Get a neat, clean and attractive print by using a combination of black and white.

3. Cooler Minimalist Bathroom Look

Don’t let your bathroom look boring

There are several ways that the appearance of the bathroom can be fresher and more attractive. For example, this minimalist room design with a toilet seat, here! You can install pictures or other decorations that match the bathroom theme. Also use a bold color to make it look more attractive.

To make the bathroom area feel more leverage, bathroom cabinets are very suitable to be presented in  house. Therefore, you can position the bathroom accessories correctly and save more space. Choose a bathroom cabinet with an attractive design to support the appearance of your bathroom.

4. Add a Natural Touch

It also adds a natural touch to your bathroom with the presence of artificial plants. the existence of this artificial green is perfect for making the room look cooler. In addition, you don’t need to worry about caring for them because these ornamental plants do not require maintenance like plants in general.

You can make artificial plants in bright colors. For example, with this red artificial flower plant. Besides being able to make the room look cooler, the bathroom can also look more attractive.

5. Tiny Minimalist Bathroom

To make a narrow bathroom look attractive, you can complement the interior with decorations such as photo frames, artificial plants and decorative furniture. You can make a beautifully designed mirror or an eye-catching patterned cabinet.

To complement your bathroom, a bathtub with a design and function that can support quality time in the bathroom can be the solution. For example a bathtub like this, here.

6. Bathroom With Natural Stone Combination For Walls And Floors

Having a spacious room that is in contact with natural materials is indeed fun, it not only gives a strong natural impression, but also a high level of comfort. An alternative that might be an option is to use natural rock.

To perfect this bathroom model, you can add a set of bathroom accessories below, which both function and provide beauty.

7. Minimalist Hotel Style Bathroom Design

You don’t need to stay in a hotel to get the perfect atmosphere. Because by adding ceramic or granite floors, you can turn a small home bathroom into a hotel class.

To give a luxurious impression to the bathroom walls, use a led mirror that matches perfectly with the luxurious ceramics in the granite class, which also helps to give the illusion of a wider space.

8. Beautify The Room With Floral Wallpaper

If you don’t want to use ceramic or natural stone as wall coverings, you can choose a beautiful wallpaper like the picture above as a suitable alternative. Its easy application and various reasons are the reasons why this material has a large following.

To avoid the impression of a cluttered room, use a bathroom cabinet with storage that functions to place dry toiletries and other necessities.

9. Minimalist Masculine Bathroom Design

The next bathroom inspiration for men who want to have a masculine impression is to use a combination of dark colors such as gray and black. In addition, give the bathroom floor a touch with ceramic or granite to make it more colorful.

 But so that the room is not cluttered, avoid using a bathtub, choose a Stainless Steel Shower Panel that is made with quality materials and is able to save space.

10. Parquet For a Modern Bathroom Touch

Having a modern bathroom is not complicated because you can add some important products such as parquet, which is the right choice.

But it’s still lacking if you haven’t given a minimalist impression to this room, because that’s the solution to using a folding hanger that saves space and doesn’t interfere with beauty.

11. Color For a Pleasant Impression

If you talk about minimalism, it doesn’t mean just a neutral palette like white or black, because by using a secondary color like Tosca, you can get a different impression when you shower.

Feel free to add a semi abstract painting or figure that you like for a personal touch.

12. Bathroom Classic Style

Why does classic style never fade? The answer is because this design is unique and can be adapted well for all types of furniture from any era.

There are twelve simple bathroom designs that you can imitate and present at home. So from the list above, which one suits your taste best?


  1. Your examples of bathrooms that had a natural touch were definitely my favorite from the article. Keeping things simple yet luxurious could be a great way to change things up from the crowded and messy bathrooms we currently have at home which, frankly, are not very comfortable to bathe in at all. I’ll make sure I follow these designs when I work with a bathroom remodeling expert in the area.


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