The kitchen is an art form and the kitchen, the space where you get creative with your culinary creations, should be treated as your studio. Whether you have a small modular kitchen or limited ability to change things around, kitchen remodeling there are a number of ways to easily spice up your kitchen (puns).

Ponder and think for a moment about your personal style. Are you attracted to neutral and gold colors? Or are you a plant lover who loves all things bohemian? Try adding certain elements to suit your personal style and of course the Remodeling tricks we’ll describe below to update your small modular kitchen!

Let’s share some simple but innovative ideas for small kitchen remodeling;

Light Ideas For Small Kitchen


We all recognize how ambient lighting can completely transform any space. Kitchen is included. Whether you have a light or dark modular kitchen, choosing the right color and positioning of light can make a design stand out and increase your energy levels even on the most grueling days. While you can use spotlights for shelves and tubes as counters, balancing warmth in a room based on your preferences can make a difference.

Modern Kitchen Interior Ideas For Homes – Small House


Is your kitchen neat and modern with everything looking new? How about scratching a wall or painting a certain part in a harsh tone? Remodeling does not always mean building. Dividing a few elements into basic shapes can be very charming, adding a layer of ruggedness to your interior.

You can also use rugged metal hardware and wooden cabinets to achieve this look. Modern industry is a very underrated decorating theme and is responsible for producing unique design spaces.

Kitchen Interior Glass Cabinet Ideas – Small House


Whether as part of a modular kitchen cabinet or on a doorstep, the use of glass can make a room appear larger than it really is. The same is true for mirrors. Placing them in the right places helps to create the illusion of a large, airy kitchen. Adding pattern and texture through floor tiles can also add a touch of color and drama to a room.

Kitchen Remodeling Color Ideas – Small House


Using two bright and contrasting colors can create a light and shadow effect that makes a space appear bigger than it really is. The best part about this form of design is that it is easy to bring this difference to life by simply choosing the right color. In addition, it is also important to use more cabinets so that the open space is not cluttered. You don’t need to choose two bright colors. You can choose a vibrant color like pink or neon green and pair it with a matte gray to balance the elegance.

Open Kitchen Shelf Design


Like a cupboard that is useful for cleaning kitchen space, open shelves make it look wider. While the space under your plates can make use of cabinets, try placing wooden shelves above them to give your kitchen a fresh and more rustic feel. It also gives you the opportunity to display all of your cute jars and glasses that should have spent most of their life hidden behind closet doors.

Imagine having a kitchen that’s completely gray or completely white but with colorful storage plates, a splash of color on these open shelves. Unique design that is sure to inspire you.

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