Not all types of hanging houseplants work well if you hang them together. Many upright plants, especially those that bloom atop, don’t look good from this angle, as you will see lots of stems, not flowers. Come on, see the 8 most beautiful hanging ornamental plants for your home!

In hanging baskets, the best options are plants that look naturally good from the side or from below, and qualified plants tend to be plants with a stacking or hanging habit.

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This plant Chaenostoma cordatum, also called Silk cordotum, or more commonly known as bacopa. This beauty and charm produces lots of tiny five lobe flowers that will happily hang over the side of your hanging basket.

Bacopa is available in a variety of colors, including blue, white, and pink; Beautiful violet blue ‘Cabana Trailing Blue’ silk flower in a basket. Bacopa blooms all summer if fertilized regularly and kept moist.

One thing about bacopa: it won’t wilt, even if you forget to water it. However, if it dries out, the flowers and buds will fall off, so keep the plant moist and don’t let it dry out between waterings. If your bacopa is too dry, don’t despair; With the right care, you will be fertile again in a few weeks.


There are many varieties and colors of fuchsia, with beautiful bell-shaped flowers. Fuchsia sizes range from small to tall, pendant to upright. And everything looks beautiful growing in hanging baskets.

While you may want vertical fuchsia for the center of your hanging basket, back fuchsia looks great near the edges, either alone or in combination with other plants. However, be careful when growing fuchsia, as fuchsia tends to have stunning colors that can easily outperform other plants.

Fuchsias prefer temperatures of 55 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. They can also thrive in high humidity, making it almost impossible to grow them in hot, dry climates. They like moist but not wet, and are prone to root rot, so be sure to use potting soil that dries quickly.


The verbena plant is strong and easy to grow. They are heat and drought tolerant and will bloom lush all summer if you feed them regularly, give them plenty of sun, and ensure they have good drainage.

Verbena tends to get a little leggy as the seasons go by, so feel free to prune it as often as possible. While many varieties don’t require a deadhead, verbena looks much better if you spend time developing the deadhead. Many verbena will bloom well into fall.

There are many different colors to choose from, from quirky to white and hues of pink, coral, red and purple.

Million Bells

A basic hanging pot, the Million Bell (Callibrachoa) plant is very easy to grow and will flower well all season if you give it enough water and fertilize it regularly. They are somewhat prone to root rot, so water only when the soil above begins to dry out.

During the growing season, ‘Million Bells’ can become slightly long and spreading roots. If your plant starts to look wrinkled, just cut it back and it will quickly grow back and be fuller than before. They go well with just about anything and will spill over the edges of your basket, as well as fill in among other plants.

Diamond Frost

Diamond Frost is the name of the spurge cultivar, Euphorbia hypericifolia ‘Inneuphdia’. Each plant grows to about 18 inches tall and 24 inches wide, producing tiny white flowers from spring through fall.

Although this plant is finicky, it is very easy to grow.  Good resistance to heat and drought, Diamond Frost does not require a lot of fertilizer. This type of Euphorbia goes well with almost any plant, filling in any empty space in your hanging garden.

Lobelia ‘Richardii’

“Richardii” is a variety of Lobelia erinus which has a slow growing habit. It has many types of cultivars, such as “Azuro”, “Saphire” (with dark blue flowers) and the “Pendula” arrangement. This variety has oblong, dark green leaves that are mostly hidden by clusters of blue flowers that continue to thrive throughout the season.

Lobelia prefers soil that is slightly gritty but also rich in organic matter, requires regular watering and should be fed every two weeks.

Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

The silver-leaved Dichondra variety is a great tracer plant for people to fill baskets with neutral colors. Unlike other popular choices like nepeta, Dichondra is almost immune to mold.

Dichondra argenta ‘Silver Falls’ has small, heart-shaped leaves on long stems and grows very quickly. Provides an excellent backdrop for brightly colored flowering plants.

Trailing Petunias

Although they are sometimes underestimated, the ubiquitous group of petunias, especially the climbing varieties, are still great choices for hanging houseplants.

With new colors and patterns available every season, no single flower provides much color when planted in a sunny location. The ‘Tumbelina’ variety is ideal for hanging plants, with its fragrant and durable double flowers.

Varieties with light blue and purple flowers do best in a very sunny location. Petunias may not be very tolerant of overly humid and humid conditions.

So now you know the 8 most beautiful hanging ornamental plants to plant. What hanging ornamental plants are suitable for decorating your home?

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