Plant your garden by choosing drought-resistant plants and warm well. You don’t want your garden to have plants that are so dry and snout all summer. Also, if you live in a tropical country, Let’s see which 8 Durable Plants Suitable in Tropical Country!


It would be suitable for planting if you live in the southern part, the berries are not demanding because it can tolerate different types of soil and withstand high levels of heat. This plant is able to survive so that you can plant in zone 4 samapi 8.

Barberries can be grown anywhere and their appearance and care are very low and ideal for plants up close. Do not forget to plant it in a place that will be exposed to a lot of sunlight. You also don’t have to trim it too often because of the minimal care.

Beauty Bush

The kolkwitza plant is commonly known as a very beautiful shrub, as a result of its name Beauty Bush. It can grow up to 6 to 10 feet tall and can grow wide. This Beauty Bush has a beauty that will get your attention. Plant in zones 4 to 8.

This plant will also bloom a lot of flowers in the spring that are pink and yellow. The treatment is very simple because you only have to keep the branches dead and the excessive growth to clean.


Spirea is one of the other beautiful flowering shrubs that are heat resistant. Spirea will bloom a lot of white flowers during the summer. However, when autumn arrives, the leaves will turn orange. It can grow 2 to 6 feet tall. The skill is also very easy, and don’t forget to plant in zones 4 to 8.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush has a beautiful fragrance and beautiful flowers are very flowering. Therefore, it is not surprising that butterflies and birds like to pass through the bush that bears the name of this match.

This plant is very easy to grow even though it is sometimes considered invasive even in hot climates. Plant this plant in zone 5 equal to 10.


There are many types of cotoneaster plants, including some that spread. The shrub is capable of reaching a height of 15 feet. However, the most common types can only be as tall as 5 to 8 feet. Plant cotoneaster in zones 5 to 8.


Juniper is a close-up plant that is very bagtus because it is able to grow in a beautiful but not trimmed and formed way. Plant inebro on the ground or in the container and pour.

However, you can simply rely on natural precipitation after that. Don’t be afraid that the eenbre plants will drought because it will survive. Plant in areas 5 to 9.


Potentilla plants are only able to grow as tall as a few feet with beautiful yellow straw flowers in spring. The sun is an important key for potentio plants, making it the right choice because it is heat resistant. Plant in zones 3 to 7.


Sumac plants are not only highly resistant to heat, but also very effective against pests. With prevention as the best remedy in organic gardens, this quality is important to look for.

Once the summer sun cools down, sumac’s bright red leaves will steal your attention. Depending on the variety, this plant is strong to plant in zones 3 to 9.

Well, now you know 8 Durable Plants Suitable in Tropical Country. Are you interested in planting it in the garden of your house?

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