Types of Cactus: this plant is always the choice to beautify the room. Then which cactus is suitable for your room? Let’s take a peek at the following 7 Types of Cactus for Home and How to Care for Them.

Echeveria Cactus

The shape of a cactus that resembles a flower will look artistic, so it’s no wonder that many cactus lovers are looking for this one cactus. This echeveria cactus has many color variants such as green, pink, purple, yellow, and red.

Cactus Centong (Opuntia cochenillifera)

The ornamental centong cactus or Opuntia cochenillifera is called the ladle cactus because of its wide shape resembling a rice ball. Abroad, the centong cactus is also cultivated and produces edible fruit.

Cactus Echinocactus Grusonii

Echinocactus grusonii cactus has a shape that resembles a barrel. This cactus comes from Mexico and Texas which is often referred to as the golden barrel. This is because the spines all over the surface are brownish yellow which looks like a gold barrel.

Cactus Cereus Tetragonus

The next cactus you can have at home is the Cereus type tetragonous cactus. This cactus comes from America and can grow tall. The shape resembles a castle, so it is suitable for placement on a fence or used as a window decoration.

Cactus Haworthia Attenuata

This Haworthia attenuata cactus is often referred to as a zebra plant or mini aloe vera. Cactus has a distinctive criri small spines on the edge of the stem. This cactus native to South Africa can survive in low light conditions so it is suitable to be placed in the kitchen area.

Cactus Mammillaria Fraileana

Mammillaria fraileana cactus can be said to be quite festive when seen from its appearance. The main stem of this cactus is round and covered with long reddish brown spines. This cactus is also equipped with beautiful and bustling flowers.

Cactus Cephalocereus Senilis

Cephalocereus senilis cactus is also known as mother cactus. The reason is, all parts of this cactus are full of long white hair like grandparents in colossal movies. No half-white hair on a cactus can grow up to 12 cm.

Apart from being a beautiful ornamental plant, cactus care is also not too difficult. Check out how to care for the following cactus.

Not Exposed to Direct Sun.

Cactus are famous for their habitat in hot places, but excessive heat is also not good because it can produce yellow cactus leaves. Not Exposedcactus in direct sun. You can put it behind the window or put it in front of the house for a while.

Land Use

Use clean, semi-peat soil or add an inorganic substance such as perlite to increase drainage and aeration in the plant bowl. You can also change the soil regularly.


Water the cactus 2 times a day, of course, with clean water. However, irrigation does not have to be excessive, as long as the soil is moist but not submerged in water.

Temperature and Humidity

Different types of Cactus have different sensitivity to temperature and humidity. Cactus has extraordinary adaptability. So that it can be treated in hot or cold climates.


Give fertilizer or vitamins to help the fertility of ornamental cactus plants to be better and healthier. However, applying fertilizer proportionately, because applying large amounts of fertilizer can have a negative impact on this plant.

Here are some types and ways of caring for Cactus. For cactus lovers, also has several reference articles for those who really like Cactus. Let’s look at the following.


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