Easy Garden Plants

Are you looking for lush types of plants to beautify your lonely garden? Come on, take a peek at the following 6 Easy Garden Plants To Your Home!

Plants Lemon

If you are a patient person, lemon trees will be perfect for your cultivation. They never fail to give your garden a more energized feeling. However, it requires more complicated handling.

You should spray the plant with water regularly (let the soil dry completely between waterings) and expose the lemon tree to plenty of sun.

Palm of Majesty

If you want to add a tropical touch to your home garden, the Majesty Palm plant is the right choice. This outdoor plant can purify the air in your home. This Majesty Palm plant requires four to six hours of bright light each day.

Ivy Hedera

The Hedera Ivy plant has spectacular, colorful leaves that can create a contrast to your home garden.

These outdoor plants will look beautiful in a wide variety of pots, from baseboards to hanging pots and even large concrete pots and other accent pieces.


The two-tone striped leaves of the Calathea plant will add contrast to any garden. In addition, this outdoor plant can withstand dim light. Therefore, there is no need to worry when the rainy season arrives.

Calathea plants are very popular. Because it allows pets. Moist soil, good drainage and low light conditions are optimal maintenance measures.

Rubber Trees

Add style to your home garden with a rubber plant that has wide, shiny leaves. Low maintenance, this rubber plant likes bright sun and moist soil. However, don’t over water it.

Candle leaves will catch the light for a beautiful presentation. These trees grow quite tall and are famous for them. Unless it’s cut. Can make it an excellent choice for large gardens.

Cendrawasih Plants

If you like a fancier design, this outdoor plant is a great choice. Cendrawasih plants can liven up a shady garden atmosphere. Although many plants are sensitive to direct sunlight, these outdoor plants are different.

You have to keep the soil moist. Make sure to water it regularly and keep it in a bright place. Remember to fertilize every month for best results.

So now you are familiar with several types of aesthetic outdoor plants. What aesthetic outdoor plants are suitable to decorate your garden?

You can purchase a gardening package, making it perfect for beginners who want to start growing plants as a hobby.


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