If your home tends to be small, every square inch is very important for you to consider. From small bedrooms to narrow hallways and even tiny bathrooms. It also means that you need to think very creatively for your storage options. Come on, take a look at 5 nifty ladder shelf ideas!

If there is space available under the stairs, there are many things you can do with it. How to reduce storage problems or create an extra chair. Don’t neglect the space under the stairs anymore.

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Decorative Plant Shelf

If you have a few low-light houseplants, you can make a small corner for them just under the stairs.

Start by installing shelves in the free space and decorating with ornamental plants however you like. This will bring a cool and fresh environment to your home and you can make the most of the space under the stairs.


This is another idea when installing shelves under your stairs. You can design your bookshelf as your impressive little library under the stairs. This will add to the design of your home to make it more unique and complex in a great way.

The end result will make your room very elegant with a mix of small decorative elements. If you have a few special books for yourself, this is a great way to make them stand out.

Display Object Shelf

If you like a place where you can display decorative items you like, but are short on space, have a look at the space under the stairs.

Install a few shelves and display your favorite display decorations. You can also play around with the shelf colors to match the appearance of the items you want to place.

Wine Rack

If you like drinking wine at a certain event you host at home, do it. Build wooden shelves so you can organize and display your precious wines.

This way, guests who come will be able to see your wine collection, and it is very practical too if you choose which wine is right for the occasion. It will also beautify your room because of its vintage style.

Shoe Rack

You can build a shelf to fit the size of the space under your stairs and attach it to your shoe rack. This will come in handy when you want to leave the house to go, you just need to collect shoes efficiently and quickly.

You can also use clear glass shelves to display your favorite shoes at special prices. So you can put it on display and do it at the same time while taking it and wearing it when you want to go out.

Well, now you know 5 Creative Ways To Under-Stair Shelving Ideas. Are you interested in making your own?

You can buy houseplants to fill the shelves under your stairs for a great starter farm.


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