When we meet a bathroom designer, we will find out more about the many alternative materials that can be used in the bathroom. Bathrooms That Nail the Natural Wood Trend One of the unexpected materials that can be used is wood because many think wood is a material that is not resistant to moisture, let alone water.

Bathrooms Natural Wood Trend

Know that ironwood is a wood that loves water very much. We often encounter this wood used as a pillar / support for wooden houses in river flows in Kalimantan. Iron wood can be a sturdy material for the bathroom. Unfortunately, at this time ironwood is included in the pop which is said to be almost extinct and should not be traded because its growth is very slow.

However, the limited existence of ironwood does not rule out the possibility that those of you who like wooden materials and motifs are present in your bathroom. You can coat it with wood or use other materials that are similar to the color of the wood. Or you can also fix this by placing wood in a dry area in your bathroom.

Get inspired in this article, 20 Awesome Bathrooms That Nail the Natural Wood Trend.

1. Bathroom With Wooden Walls With a Modern Feel

Modern Bathroom

Wood from nature can appear in a modern style if we know the color scheme. For this bathroom, for example, the entire surface of the walls and floor is patterned with wood, except for the ceiling. The black color combination supports modern style choices.

2. Bathroom With Wooden Floor

Modern Bathroom

The bathroom with wooden floors and more interesting is the idea of placing wooden beams on the ceiling.

3. Bathroom Natural Wood

Modern Bathroom

Wood charms are used both on sink countertops and in cabinets and drawers.

4. Wall and Table

Wood effect Country Style Bathroom

Wood is used as walls and tables. Lacquered with orange color that will make you feel relaxed when using it.

5. Attic Bathroom

Rustic Style Bathroom

Unique bathroom above the attic. The floor is made of wood and the tub is surrounded by a wooden frame, like a sink counter. The horses that function as ceiling supports have a decorative function that blends with this wooden bathroom concept.

6. Scandinavian Style Bathroom

Making a deep enough basin in the tub is one way to avoid splashing too much water. Also with the idea of limiting the shower area with clean and tidy transparent glass.

7. Another Loft Bathroom

Scandinavian Style Bathroom

Bathroom designers have succeeded in combining natural stone and wood materials in this bathroom. The sink counter with shelves is a favorite area because there is a mirror there. On the other hand, a table decorated with natural stone looks impressive and, of course, functional.

Making skylights in the attic bathroom is an energy efficient solution and keeps the bathroom free from moisture and congestion.

8. Wood And Rattan

Minimalist Bathroom

The idea of combining natural materials in the next wooden bathroom is to include ornaments with rattan material. It can be a box for soap and cosmetics or a place for dirty clothes like in this bathroom.

9. Wooden Wall Toilet

Modern Bathroom

This narrow toilet looks comfortable with natural wood walls, clean and tidy.

10. Wood in Modern Country Style

Rustic Style Bathroom

Another example is a bathroom with wood trim left without paint or varnish. The designer used gray tiles to complement the natural color and shape of the wood. To make it look more perfect, also place a wooden shelf without paint. The result is a modern bathroom with a rustic style.

11. Bathroom Floor Made of Wood

Modern Bathroom

Covering the floor with a wooden arrangement like in this bathroom may look like coral to some people. But it all depends on individual preferences.

12. Wood Pattern On The Floor

Modern Bathroom

The parquet motif on the floor is suitable for use in dry bathrooms. A slightly glossy finish is slippery but easy to clean.

13. Wooden Floors Connect The Bedroom And Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Here is another example of parquet flooring that connects the bedroom or wardrobe with the bathroom. Areas that are relatively far from splashing water.

14. Bath Tub And Soft Wood Smell

Modern Bathroom

15. Scrubber

Mediterranean Style Bathroom

The color palette is neither too dark nor too light. It used to be the bathroom. Use of polished wood. We can easily clean the dirt that sticks. And make the bathroom look new.

16. Laminate Bathroom

Modern Bathroom

Laminate is used as the main material in this bathroom. For those who like wood motifs and want to present them in a wet bathroom, consult your bathroom designer for more details.

17. Wooden Floors And, Stone Walls

Mediterranean Style Bathroom

This was followed by the idea of using a wooden bathroom floor that was endowed with a natural atmosphere in the form of the use of stone walls. If your bathroom area is small, use light colored walls to make the bathroom look more spacious.

18. Modern Pattern On Smooth Wooden Floor

This is a very modern wall pattern, to compensate for this the wooden floor must look smooth and shiny. Don’t forget to provide a towel mat from time to time to clean up splashes.

19. Elegant

It says that we don’t need to carry all the wood to the bathroom. Like this bathroom that uses stone walls. Wood is installed to coat the outside of the water bath.

20. Zen Style

And finally, the perfect bathroom in Zen style with a simple layout. Firm lines are indicated by choosing dark wood tones.

Do you like? Feel free to pick up smart ideas for your bathroom.


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