Pastel colors are here to give a comfortable and soft impression, even to the interior design. Each color palette has a different psychological meaning, must adapt its use to the right space.

What Are Pastels?

In general, what is meant by pastel colors is a palette scheme that is clear, subtle, also bright, but still soft on the eye.

In addition, it is a combination of two types of palettes such as pink, blue, green with a neutral white base color and has been around since the Renaissance, but its use began to develop rapidly in the 18th century. Currently, its existence is getting more and more popular from time to time.

Pastel Colors For The Room

Of the various schemes available, this time we will provide more information about the colors that are suitable for the room.

Pink Pastel Colors

Meaning of Colors: symbolizes romance, friendship, generosity and affection.

Psychological Effects: a color that exudes positive energy and conveys warmth and comfort. Therefore, its use as wall paint can provide a relaxing atmosphere to the human brain nerves, and pastel pink is generally a popular color in women’s bedrooms.

Light Green Colors

Meaning of Colors: Life, Nature and Energy

Psychological Effects: To create a balanced atmosphere, peaches are the right choice, especially to restore energy to who are feeling tired or depressed.

What’s more, the pastel green color gives a room a fresh feel at any time, making it a perfect paint for bedroom walls, living rooms and kitchens.

Light Brown Colors

Meaning of Colors: Durability, Dependability, Safety

Psychological Effects: This scheme creates a feeling of pleasure, safety and stability in the room. And it can provide a warmer, more intimate atmosphere.

Chocolate color choices also symbolize dark things like coffee, cakes and sweets; It’s the perfect touch for work, bedroom and living areas.

Sky Blue Colors

Meaning of Colors: wisdom, serenity, health and inspiration

Psychological Effects: besides calming the room area, this scheme can normalize blood pressure. It is especially beautiful when paired with furniture in a warm scheme and is suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Light Yellow Colors

Meaning of Colors: optimism, happiness and friendship

Psychological Effects: Bright morning sun plus a little pastel yellow, can bring joy. But don’t use it as a primary color! Mix in another neutral palette like white, to avoid negative emotions. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom and dining room.

Purple Colors

Meaning of Colors: Mysterious, Creative, Rich

Psychological Effects: If you like something fancy and attractive, purple is a great choice. Able to provide a calming and relaxing effect like blue. Plus, this color scheme can provide a romantic and dramatic feel that is perfect for a bedroom.

Orange Colors

Meaning of Colors: warmth, enthusiasm, creativity, determination, balance

Psychological Effects: This bright color brings excitement and helps channel emotions in a positive way when doing activities.

When applying it to the wall, combine it with neutral colors. Its use is suitable for sports rooms and not primary colors.

Beige Colors

Meaning of Colors: Conservative, flexible, calm and neutral

Psychological Effects: Providing a calm and relaxing environment, especially for workspaces, rooms and other areas in general. Beige is classified as a neutral color and is one of the main schemes.

Turkish Colors

Meaning of Colors: Refreshing, Feminine, Sophisticated, Wisdom, Creativity.

Psychological Effects: It has another name aquamarine, a pastel blue and green color combination that gives off a fresh and relaxed impression.

A palette that can give a relaxed and elegant impression, especially in the workspace and family room, as well as keep someone away from negative energy.

Peach Colors

Meaning of Colors: Stylish, Honesty, Simplicity and Warmth.

Psychological Effects: If you’re feeling down, this sweet palette can bring back joy, joy, calm and optimism. For best results, use this color for the bedroom and living room baby room

Khaki ColorsColors

Meaning of Colors: Realistic, Pragmatic, Conventional, Conservative.

Psychological Effects: Neutral colors that create a relaxed and warm atmosphere, especially when applied to the living room or bedroom. Khaki is perfect for who likes calm, calm and balanced colors.

Mint Colors

Meaning of Colors: Calm, Fresh, Balanced

Psychological Effects: The combination of blue and green can create a calm environment to balance emotions. For its use it is very good for bathrooms and kitchens.

Red Colors

Meaning of Colors: Brave, Energetic and Adrenaline Pumping.

Psychological Effects: Color schemes that can bring togetherness, warmth to intense conversation. The color is great for the dining room or family, but avoid applying it in the bedroom as it can increase your heart rate.

Gray Colors

Meaning of Colors: Neutral, Balanced, Fresh

Psychological Effects: Don’t worry, the room will look boring because it uses gray. The reason is, you can combine it with bright colors like pink, yellow or white. Excellent palette for study and living room.

Salem Color

Meaning of Colors: Expressive, Friendship, Compassion, Individuality.

Psychological Effects: A palette that boosts confidence and is almost akin to a lighter orange or pink color, but still feels soft. Become a color that gives hope, happiness.

How cute are the colors above?


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