Owning a house like the one in Bali can be a dream for everyone. The best way, of course, is to make a modern tropical house model. In building a house, we must pay attention to several factors, one of which is the weather. Before we dive into more about modern tropical hues, let’s take a look at what they mean!

Modern Tropical House

Modern tropical design house is an architectural style that is resistant to tropical climates and climates. Each building component is designed in such a way as to allow light to enter and exit freely.

Because the climate in Indonesia is tropical, it is very appropriate to design a modern tropical style house. Let’s take a peek at some of the following tropical home design ideas!

High Ceiling

Houses with high ceilings can improve the air circulation system so that the house feels cooler and more comfortable.

Apart from the roof, the house can be designed with a void, which is a roof that passes through to the second floor. These gaps can increase airflow and make the room appear spacious.

Modern Tropical House with Wooden Concept

Wood is an effective material to reduce cold air. We can save energy because we don’t need to use air conditioning too often.

In addition, the wood is easy to carve, so it can give a unique and artistic impression to the house.

Modern Tropical Home Garden

Limited land often makes us forget to provide special garden space. Even though the weather is hot and humid, we can handle it with a tropical garden. In addition to beautifying the room, plants can make the house look cooler even though it is in the middle of the city.

Large Glass Doors and Windows

Glass doors and windows make the room feel brighter and brighter. Sunlight can freely enter the room and the air circulation is also better. In addition, glass doors and windows make the house look more elegant and modern.


The vines can work to block the sun’s heat. In addition to beautifying the house, vines are useful for providing us with oxygen. In addition, vines can be a source of oxygen for households that have fish ponds.

Swimming Pool

A tropical house is incomplete if there is no swimming pool. This is a must, especially if you like to swim. Apart from exercising, you can calm down without leaving the house.

Complete the pond with green plants to enhance the appearance of the house.

Fish pond

The sound of gurgling water produced by a fish pond can give a fresh and cool impression to the house area. Fish pond is also suitable for those of you who are stressed due to work or work. Watching the fish move can relieve the fatigue you feel.

Paint Neutral Colors in Modern Tropical Homes

Neutral colors are suitable for those who want to unwind. Neutral colors can make our minds calm and collected. Combining neutral colors with green plants will be the right combination and will add to the aesthetic value of the house.

The decor in tropical rooms tends to be minimal. Leave space in each room so that it is not overcrowded. Choose a furniture color that is in harmony with the room to give it an elegant impression.


Besides the bed, the hammock can be an alternative for us to rest. A hammock can give a room a unique and distinct impression. The swing of the hammock also relaxes us, making it easier for us to sleep.

A Natural Touch In Modern Tropical Home Decor

Plants can indeed give a room a natural impression, but other home furnishings can also give a natural effect. We can decorate the house with wooden floors, wicker chairs and wooden tables.

Modern Tropical House with Open Concept

In general, modern tropical houses have a large space so that the circulation of the room is smooth and cool. A wider room also gives an elegant impression to the house.

The House Has A Sloping Roof

In general, tropical houses have a roof that has a 30 degree slope. Tropical climates have high rainfall. The sloping roof prevents rainwater from pooling above the house and flowing directly onto the ground.

Those are 13 Stunning Modern Tropical Style Home Designs. Come on, design your dream tropical house!

You can start by buying furniture that can support a tropical atmosphere, such as artificial plants and rattan chairs. Here are some of the products you can buy:

Artificial Plants

You can put plants in the corner of the house, such as in the living room or kitchen. Plants can beautify a room and give a new impression to the eyes.

Rattan Patio Chairs

Not only outdoors, rattan patio chairs are also suitable for use indoors. The brown color on the chairs gives a natural effect, making it suitable for tropical residences.

Chocolate Table

Having a plywood table gives a simple and minimalist impression. You can mix wood colors with anything to make it easier for you to create a room that matches.


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