Want to design a 2 × 3 or 2 × 2 bathroom? Here are some examples of minimalist bathroom images that you can use for reference.

Some people are suitable for squatting baths, and others are suitable for sitting styles because they follow modern concepts.

Having a comfortable bathroom is without a doubt everyone’s dream. But what if the bathroom space is small and very limited?

Sometimes the remaining space is only 2 × 3 square meters, or even 2 × 2 square meters.

It takes creativity to make all the equipment in a tiny bathroom so that it can be used comfortably.

You are also looking for inspiration on where to place the sink, toilet and so on to fit the design.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

To help you design a layout, here are some tips for designing a simple bathroom layout that you can try.

The design of a separate toilet and bathroom as in this picture can be an option, you can use one space for a shower and another for the toilet.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×2

Small but looks beautiful and spacious, you can put some plants in the bathroom so that the atmosphere feels cooler.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2×3

There are many ceramic models for the bathroom, choose a ceramic that is easy to clean so that the bathroom always looks bright.

Minimalist Bathroom Design, Toilet Seat

Some people prefer the squat toilet model, you can mix the colors of the toilet and bathtub in the bathroom to make it more harmonious.

Minimalist Bathroom Design, Squat Toilet

Newer bathtub models like this are popular because they are so plain and simple, they don’t take up too much space in the room.

Minimalist Bathrooms Design

The choice of tiles with a slightly dark color is usually an option because they don’t look too dirty, the important thing is that the wall color is still bright so that it looks bright.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

There are also ceramics that become a decorative model for bathroom walls, to make them look more artistic and beautiful.

Modern Minimalist Bathrooms

The white color looks clean and beautiful, but if you are not diligent in cleaning it will look dirty.

Simple Minimalist Bathroom

You can add some decorations to the bathroom wall to make it look clean, beautiful and neat.

Minimalist Bathrooms Wall Tiles

You can make a partition between the shower and toilet with a model like this that is half wall and half glass, but be careful because it is prone to breaking.

Minimalist Bathroom Ceramics

Touch right? just call a mason to make it happen. Show me one of the bathroom pictures above. Choose a design that suits you and your family’s comfort.


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