Ways To Make Money With Your RV

You can rent your RV and earn passive income from it. Many make thousands of dollars a year just renting their RV. Some have them as an additional vehicle (which is excellent). Others may be nervous that not only are they renting an RV, but they are also renting out their “house.”

I’m not going to use Airbnb. Instead, I will focus more on the RV peer-to-peer lending platform (because they specialize in RV only, you’ll get better customer service support who can understand what could happen). In the worst case and they know that lifestyle better).

They also have their insurance coverage for up to $ 1 million.

The best RV rental platforms are:

•  Outdoorsy

•  RV Share

The advantages of renting your RV:

Background checks are carried out, and verification will be carried out to ensure no fraud has occurred.

Easy passive income in the range of thousands every year. Many make an average of $ 5,000- $ 22,000 annually based on their blog.

It subsidizes the cost of ownership. Are you still in debt for the RV? You can rent your RV to pay for overtime.

RV rentals do great as some can cost the same as homes, and many can’t afford them, so it’s usually families looking for an epic road trip or vacation.

The cons:

Some report feeling anxious when renting their RVs (especially those who live in full time, not those who have them as light vehicles). But knowing that you are insured through this peer-to-peer RV site, all is well.


In a warehouse or driveway, an RV only needs a place; while renting it out to others makes you money while you’re too busy to use it yourself. On average, an RV owner can make at least $ 100 per night and $ 22,000 per year, but the value can change depending on the type of RV.

Plus, take great photos of your RV. (Panoramic shots of beautiful sunsets work best. Creating the “mood” evokes more joy in customers who want to rent with you.) Sell that “dream vacation.”

Placing some ads on the motorhome with your ad (and QR code) can help spread the word to people who find your motorhome for rent.


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