Minimalist bathrooms are often built in small. There are even some people who still use a minimalist bathroom at home because they prefer this design compared to a spacious bathroom.

If you are currently confused about making a minimalist bathroom and are looking for ways to outsmart the bathroom space to make it look wider. Then we will help to provide the following very useful information.

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Steps to Arrange a Minimalist Bathroom

I found some references that existed 6 months before doing the shower. Start looking for bathroom design references in magazines and social media.

After getting the right design to build a minimalist bathroom, the next thing you need to do is find a contractor or handyman. Look for a contactor you can trust, for this you can look for it through friends, coworkers or building supply stores around where you live.

Start with a minimalist bathroom design that you will build. Include all the details of the room, sink, shower and shower.

Calculate the budget that you will spend when building a minimalist bathroom later. Creating a minimalist bathroom from scratch will cost a lot of money, especially for the best hardware, because you will have to pay for the purchase of toilets, ceramics, building materials, and craftsmen later on.

Call and hire a contractor to work with you. Professional contractors will usually provide a work schedule and various materials that will be needed later. With the contactor, you can adjust the budget that has been made previously with the budget that has been made by the contractor.

Installing various building materials such as ceramic tiles, faucets, sinks, and various other materials is certainly needed to create a minimalist bathrooms.

If the project is already running, be sure to check it regularly.

Do not forget to communicate with the contractor intensively. Good communication will reduce communication errors that can occur when building a minimalist bathroom.

Tips and Tricks to Make a Minimalist Bathroom Look Spacious

Wallpaper Usage

The first tip is to choose the right type of wallpaper to put in your minimalist bathrooms. Using wallpaper or paint that has a lot of mixed colors will make the room look cramped.

Therefore, try to only use one color of paint to create an airy impression. Also choose colors that reflect light well such as green or white and avoid using dark colors such as black in the bathroom.

Use of Lighting Accessories

You can use a lampshade that is large enough but does not dominate the room. This method can give a broad impression on the bathroom ceiling.

Room Utilization For Small Bathroom

Placing various unnecessary room decorations will make a minimalist bathrooms even narrower.

So you can take advantage of various unexpected places to be used optimally. For example, you can use the space under the sink as a place to store tissues or other items.

Put Various Equipment on the Wall

The way to make a minimalist bathroom feel more spacious is to use a wall to put the various equipment you have.

You can place various items such as scissors, razors and others on the bathroom wall.

Glass Placement

The use of glass in the bathroom will give a broad impression for a minimalist bathrooms.

No Windows For Small Bathroom

Using windows in a minimalist bathroom will make the existing room narrower. If you need air circulation, we recommend using a window with a small size.

Choosing The Right Type Of Door

Choosing the type of door is one of the tricks to make a minimalist bathrooms appear wider. You can replace the door that opens directly with a sliding door like a traditional Japanese house.

Hang Toiletries For Small Bathroom

The next way is that you can put various toiletries by hanging them so they don’t fill the room too much. Do not place toiletries near the sink, as this will make the bathroom look narrower.

Behind the Door Must Be Used

Do not use the back door to widen a minimalist bathrooms. Where you can use the back of the door to put toiletries or store various types of items.

Changing Size

The size of the wardrobe, bathtub, and bathtub is one of the things you need to pay attention to so that the bathroom looks more spacious and spacious. A size that is too large and takes up a lot of space will make your bathroom more cramped and uncomfortable to use.

Use a sitting cabinet that has an oval design and does not use a round or square design. A sitting cabinet with an oval shape will make the bathroom look wider.

So choose a compact and minimalist wardrobe size as well as a way to overcome the problem of limited space.

Use of Bath Tub

Minimalist bathrooms bathtub

If you are one of those people who really like to spend a lot of time soaking in the tub, then to make a minimalist bathrooms you should not do this.

Using a bathtub in the bathroom will make the room narrower and less spacious when used.

Instead, you can use a shower to take a bath and also place clear glass in the bathroom to give the perception of a wider room.

Confused looking for a quality shower? You can find it through. You can find brands such as American Standard and IKEA here.

If you still want to use a bathtub, we recommend using a bathtub with low walls and a flat bottom. This type of tub can still be used for bathing and can still be used if you want to soak.

Storage Cabinet Use

It is best to use a medicine cabinet to store various toiletries in the bathroom. Never place large furniture if you want the perception of the room to be wider.

Those are some tips and tricks to outwit a narrow bathroom to make it seem spacious. Make sure you get a variety of minimalist bathroom equipment, yes!


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