Often the size of the space is limited so that the barrier of the house looks beautiful, even in the main room such as the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom. One of the rooms that is often a scourge in interior design is the minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom design which is quite difficult to arrange due to limited space.

Don’t be pessimistic first, the sound is small, some minimalist bathroom designs measuring 1 x 2 meters can even be taken care of with a bathtub that looks elegant. Get ready to have a 1 x 2 meter minimalist bathroom that is twice the size of the original!

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1 x 2 Minimalist Bathroom With Elegant Bathtub

Minimalist Bathroom With Bathtub Style Size 1×2

Even though it is narrow in size, a minimalist bathroom measuring 1 x 2 meters in accordance with the above inspiration can be occupied with a variety of functional main equipment. The main focus is of course on a bathtub that is no more than 1 meter high in this minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom.

By having a mini-size bathtub with a wall mounted toilet seat model, this design is very effective in saving space in your minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom Size 1×2 Bathtub

For sink cabinets, the inspiration for this minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom chooses to use a full size wardrobe for maximum storage. The combination of these 3 main kits can leave enough room for your cleaning needs. There is no feeling of tightness thanks to the reliable 1 x 2 minimalist bathroom.

Luxury Wall Accents in Minimalist Bathrooms Size 1 x 2.

In this minimalist 1 x 2 meter bathroom, you can see different patterns on the bathroom wall. The selection of patterned bathroom tiles with a relatively large size immediately stole the attention, so the focus was on the walls and not on the limitations of the bathroom size.

Choosing a bathroom with a shower head is very effective because it will leave room for movement in a minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom. Not to forget that this bathroom also separates wet and dry areas with a simple glass partition.

In this minimalist 1 x 2 size bathroom design, the sink part is made quite simple with wall shelves and a choice of modern-style shelves. As a result, this minimalist bathroom measuring 1 x 2 meters appears wider.

Minimalist Bathroom Solutions Size 1 x 2 Meters

The bathroom cubicle as seen in the inspiration for the minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom above is also an easy alternative to overcoming limited space in the bathroom. With a simple design, bathroom maintenance is also easier because the wet area is completely separated by a closed curved bulkhead.

As a result, arranging furniture in a minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom is easier. The bathroom toilet fits comfortably in the corner of the room for maximum wiggle room. The sink chosen for this minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom model is also simple and efficient.

The amount of space left in the 1 x 2 minimalist bathrooms makes bathroom decorations with complementary items such as towels and clothes hangers or bathroom mirrors much more economical.

The Perfect Corner 1 x 2 Meter Minimalist Bathroom

This inspiration proves that a bathtub is not a big dream even though it has a minimalist bathroom measuring 1 x 2, when choosing a tub in the shape of a quarter circle, the placement of the corners can make the placement of toiletries more flexible.

The use of a sink that looks luxurious and blends, a wooden hanging shelf, and a medium-sized mirror adds to the sweetness of a minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom. With the concept of a dry bathtub, the bathroom floor also uses wood for a sleek appearance that makes the room sweeter. The 1×2 minimalist bathroom at home looks luxurious.

Nice Formation In Minimalist Bathroom Size 1 x 2

The interior layout of these minimalist bathrooms measuring 1 x 2 meters is fairly simple, but maximized thanks to the selection of the right toiletries. The shower area which has been bordered by curved glass dividers with curved contours makes the minimalist 1×2 bathroom atmosphere less striking.

In this minimalist 1 x 2 meter bathrooms, there is also a bathroom storage area behind the door for towels and clothes. Result? 1 x 2 minimalist bathroom that feels much wider than its original size!

Minimalist Bathroom Size 1 x 2 Natural Shades

With the concept of being close to nature, this minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom uses a stone wall divider to separate wet and dry areas. The floor also seems to be marked by neatly arranged natural stones. Don’t forget to use materials with natural colors plus white lighting combined with warm wood colors. Even though it is small, this 1 x 2 minimalist bathrooms makes you feel at home for a long shower!

Shades of Pink for a Feminine Minimalist Bathroom

With a touch of retro minimalist style, the layout of this room is quite simple but looks feminine and sweet. Only separated by a shower curtain, the wet and dry areas are well insulated in this minimalist 1 x 2 meter bathroom.

Using a small cupboard as a storage area for toiletries, you can also place a decorative bath mat to add to the excitement of your tiny 1 x 2 bathroom.

A Classic Touch in a 1 x 2 Meter Minimalist Bathrooms

In the comparison of the image size of the minimalist bathrooms 1 x 2 meters above, on the left is a photo before the bathroom renovation takes place and the right is the final result. From this inspiration we can learn that walls also have an important role.

On the inspiration for a minimalist bathrooms measuring 1 x 2 above, removing wooden walls has a broad effect if the bathroom type is 1 x 2. Switching to wall tiles has a big effect.

Minimalist Bathroom Size 1×2 Touch

Replacing a square bathtub with a vintage bathtub model also saves more space, making a 1 x 2 minimalist bathroom look more comfortable. The entire minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom looks nicer than the cheap hanging sink at the previous location.Placing a minimalist decoration in a minimalist 1 x 2 bathrooms can also be classy as long as you are good at choosing items, you know! For example, placing miniature plants near a bathroom window or sink, installing your favorite wall decor is great too!

Prove that if not always a minimalist 1 x 2 bathroom can also look clean and beautiful without draining the bag?


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