I’ve got a long list of Genius Camping Hacks You Should Know. If you’re like me, it is probably littered with overused, simple strategies that you can’t seem to get enough of.

There are a few categories that you can fall into when it comes to this. The first is the famous systems and hacks like: H20, Rice Pudding, Sleep on Rocks, Gander, and most of all, HOP. Here’s a guide to the more popular of these.

This is HOP, the Hip-Hop Hack. It’s used all over the internet and it’s highly successful. Essentially it means that the same principles apply whether you’re camping in the backcountry or playing the golf course. In short, if you keep to your game plan, you’ll always make it to the end.

Gander, HOP, and Break are the three simple ideas that this plan uses. These are also brilliant when you do not have the time to camp out each night. The solution of staying up late and going back to sleep in the morning is a great one. Gander means using a gander stick to carry water. With this method, you can literally pack a ton of food and water for a long distance hike.

The last point to put into the HOP technique is the fact that you should always follow your backpacker plan. In other words, if you’ve never used a backpacker before, just use one. Don’t try and use another backpacker tool until you feel comfortable with it. This is a bit confusing, but if you feel unsafe, stop at all costs. You never know what could happen! Always remember that you are never too safe.

Good luck, everybody. Remember the Golden Rule. In every situation, if you don’t think you can do it, don’t do it. Do whatever it takes to make your trip a success, but always play safe, play smart, and play God.

Every year on August 10th, we forget the magic that’s been created throughout the years, and the genius camping sites and strategies that’ve been proven time again. Follow your own rules, and that will truly make all the difference!


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