Need some great Minimalist Style Bathrooms inspiration? Well, this minimalist bathroom design can really be used as a reference for your dream home.

Yes, now the bathroom is not just a place to cleanse the body, but more like an area for daily relaxation and refreshment.

How about a good minimalist bathroom design? Here are some inspirations.

Small Minimalist Bathroom Design

The best example of a small bathroom

Design 1: For those of you who have limited bathroom space, you can choose this design.

The bathroom is finished making use of the space. Even in a limited space, you can take a shower. With the use of ceramics that reflect the shade, the bathroom looks wider, you know. Apart from the bathroom, the toilet seat can also be added on the other side. It’s just that, the size of the toilet is also fairly small considering the limited space it has.

Picture of a Tiny Bathroom

Design 2: It doesn’t take up much room for decoration, but this bathroom still feels warm thanks to the pallet wood on the floor.

Beautiful minimalist bathroom with black and white color, white toilet with fresh, simple and beautiful ceramic decoration. That is the word that is appropriate to describe this beautiful minimalist bathroom design on this one. The dominance of white leads to a minimalist concept so that a small space appears bigger than the original. Even though it is dominated by white, this room does not seem dull with unique patterned ceramics.

Regular Bathroom Squatting Toilet

We can find quite a number of minimalist and simple bathroom models in Indonesia. A water tub on one side and the other as a toilet. Another distinctive feature is the use of bathroom wall tiles in the form of mosaics. Well, in this section you can be creative so that the bathroom looks fresher and cleaner. Various variations of ceramics, such as mosaic, monochrome or floral motifs. It depends on your personal taste.

Minimalist Bathroom Design with Monochrome Concept

Bathroom With Natural Stone

The use of natural stone with black and white motifs on the walls and floors makes this bathroom look quite colorful. One type of stone that you can use is andesite. The price of the andesite itself is between $ 5 and $ 15. Wait. But do not forget that the color of the stones used must also be in tune with the color of the wall paint, yes, in this image the color used is gray. Besides being minimalist, this bathroom also looks luxurious

Bathroom Design Size 2×2

In the past, many designs avoided using black because it looked dirty, which is different today. Black is starting to be excellent as the primary color because it gives the impression of luxury and elegance. Especially after various kinds of finishing and ceramics with various black motifs are circulating in the market today minimalist style bathrooms. The bathroom has now changed to a modern style. For example, a black mosaic combined with black tiles on the floor.

Natural Minimalist Bathroom with a Touch of Wood Elements

Monochrome Color Bathroom

Examples of Luxury Bathrooms With Wood

For the bathroom design, this one is quite unique. It looks more different than usual, you can add some accessories with wood material. as well as patterns on the bathroom floor tiles.

Minimalist Bathroom with Squatting Toilet

Squat Bathroom

Design 1 – Does your bathroom use a squat toilet? Well hopefully the design above can be an inspiration. Like a bathroom in Southeast Asia, the bathroom with the design above is very familiar. The only difference is the reason the floor is used.

Squat Toilet Model

Design 2 – Not much different from the previous image. This image optimizes the walls and floor as an element of decoration so that the toilet does not seem monotonous. It is just. The toilet you use can be a little modern, namely a lever to drain the water, not a pan like in general.

Minimalist Bathroom with Bidet

Minimalist Bathroom with Bidet

Cool Bathroom Ceramic Motifs

There are pros and cons to each of these types of toilets (sit or squat). What is often a problem lately is the use of toilet seats that are not good for health due to wrong posture. However, this problem can be overcome by using a chair to raise the knee until it reaches the ideal position. In terms of design, there is not much difference, only in terms of health that needs attention.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Without Bathtub

Beautiful Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspiration

Well, if you really don’t like using a bathtub, maybe the idea of a bathroom equipped with a shower is worth trying. To make it more modern, the glass door can be used as a partition with the toilet. So that a narrow area can be manipulated by the glass door minimalist style bathrooms.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 1x2m

Design 1: Although small, proper layout and decoration can eliminate design flaws.

Minimalist Bathroom Size 1×2

Refreshing blue color through this ceramic mosaic. Small and complete. Wow, simple bathroom

Design 2 – Very minimal, huh! Well, this is another bonus for a minimalist 1×2 bathroom. Complete but interesting.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2 × 1.5m

Luxurious, feels spacious and comfortable. Three words to describe this bathroom. The beautiful finish is able to captivate every user so that the goal of relaxation can be achieved. It looks more luxurious and elegant with the use of LEDs or backlinks on various sides, such as ceilings and walls. Another striking part is the use of natural stone in the bathroom. Unfortunately to implement this design requires a lot of money because the material is quite expensive.

Minimalist Bathroom Design 2x2m

Minimalist Bathroom Design, Limited size is not the reason for creating this beautiful 2×2 bathroom, for example the monochrome nuanced design below. The right black and white composition makes this design cool. Very in accordance with the minimalist style bathroom concept that was carried. To save space, you can use glass doors and hanging areas at various angles.

Minimalist Apartment-style Bathroom Concept

Wooden Bathroom Model

Minimal use of furniture but still functionality can increase efficiency in activities. For example, the use of a bathtub is replaced with a shower. Another point of this design is using pallet wood as the floor to give it a warm and fresh look.

Natural Bathroom Design, Suitable for Villa

A villa that is familiar with minimalist style bathrooms a natural impression is of course related to wood, stone, sand, and other elements. Well, these elements will be the main material for this bathroom. Are you planning to own a private villa in the future? But. I hope that dream comes true. The concept is open, still in the form of a private area, the walls are made of stone and the floor uses wood. So that the surrounding green conditions also strengthen the impression of nature. Really cool!

Make Use Of The Narrow Area Under The Stairs

bathroom design models under the stairs

The empty area under the stairs can be optimized by building a small bathroom under it. Because the space is smaller, you should just use the bathroom as a toilet. However, if possible, there’s no harm in adding a tub. Bathroom Design Under the Stairs

Bathroom with Natural Stone Finishing

Bathroom Using Beautiful Natural Stone

Design 1: Is a design for those of you who like natural or natural print results.

The use of natural stone as a landscape accessory is what gives the impression of being close to nature. It’s just that the budget issued is higher, so you have to allocate more money.

Minimalist Natural Stone Bathroom Design

Design 2: For those of you who want a minimalist style bathrooms design that looks natural, you can use this minimalist bathroom design.

For the bathroom design using stone-shaped ceramics on the walls. In addition, to make it look more unified, use brown for the bathroom. Add some accessories with wooden materials and flower pots that are placed in the sink. Very easy, right? You can also take advantage of the very limited space to create a bathroom with an extraordinary design.

So what are you waiting for? Make some of the bathroom designs above as inspiration.


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