The Van Life Hippie Bohemian is a superb all-around recreational vehicle. This all-terrain recreational vehicle (RV) has been designed to operate as a home on wheels, but still provide a few basic RV amenities. It offers every level of lifestyle from the Camper to the complete RV.

The Van Life Hippie Bohemian comes with everything you need to get started. There is a large storage area in the rear for storing your camper and some of your other important travel gear. Then there is a free standing bathroom, stove, refrigerator, galley kitchen, TV, stereo, fireplace, pull out sofa and beds.

The van life hippie Bohemian is a diesel powered vehicle that is a good weight for long-distance traveling. Its tires have raised rubber in the treads for traction and are designed for salt and sand roads. It is a one-person vehicle and the cargo space is large enough to store all your camping gear.

There is enough space inside the van life hippie Bohemian for most people’s needs. It is equipped with a bed for two, a kitchen, a sliding door for a bathroom, seating for four, and a large ceiling. The large ceiling should make it easier to sleep in the sleeping area as well as for lounging around and watching TV in comfort.

The Van Life Hippie Bohemian has a pull out sofa that opens and closes, making it easy to transport. It also has a pull out bed for two and a storage space for cargo boxes. There is a canopy for shade in the front.

If you are fan of the hippie style and the environment you live in the Van Life Hippie Bohemian would be a great option for you. Many RV fans prefer this style of vehicle because they can travel to more remote areas without spending too much money on airfare or hotel accommodations. They can enjoy freedom, campervan style, without being locked into their vehicle like a permanent resident.

The hippie style of RV is known for its clean and simple style. This is a RV that you can decorate however you want, whether it is the color you prefer or the fabrics you want to hang. You can even decorate the interior by choosing from a variety of different rugs. No matter what you do, the van life hippie Bohemian will look beautiful regardless of your decorating choices.

Whether you are an environmentalist, a fan of the hippie style, or you just want a clean ride, the Van Life Hippie Bohemian is a good all-around recreational vehicle. It is a comfortable, yet very spacious vehicle that has everything you need for a comfortable adventure.


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