Airstream Renovation Cost

How much does it cost to Renovation my Airstream? Anyone considering buying an old Airstream to renovate will be wondering how much to spend and how long. Should I hit $ 10,000, $ 25,000, or even $ 50,000 to build the travel trailer of my dreams?
Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that. If you’re going to ask someone for advice on how much to budget for your remodeling project, you might hear, “it all depends.

Airstream renovation

It takes a lot of research, hours of hard work to renovate or restore a vintage trailer. Some people decide to take up the challenge of a DIY remodeling project, while others choose to hire an expert to do the job for them. This will be expensive, and you never know in advance what problems you may be facing. So, keep your costs down and make a list of what is important to you based on your goals.

Remodel An Airstream

Minor things can also start to pile up: wheel chocks, tow truck hardware, trailer accessories, LED light to replace halogen shut off, 12v laptop charger, new front connector (ours disconnected on pick up day), water hose, hose fittings, gutter hoses and fittings, power cords, fuses, batteries, etc. We’ve probably spent over $ 1,000 on those things.

Has your new (used) Airstream Got a dent? The new panels cost around $ 500, not including installation.

Buy Airstream

Once you’ve found one or two you like, with all the features and specifications you want and within your budget, you can request a flyer directly on the comparison page. With the brochure in hand, it’s time to go to the nearest dealer and see the final result firsthand. You can enjoy the floor plan as you view it and determine if you need to change your “to-do list”.

Deciding to add Airstream to your fleet is something that requires a fair amount of evaluation, research, and contemplation. You are not only investing. You are adapting to your lifestyle.


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